1. Heartbeat Song

From the recording Heartbeat Song

Catherine wrote the lyrics to this song after we performed at the Oregon Statewide Right to Life Conference in 2007. There, she saw and purchased the "tiny hands and feet" lapel pins that showed those similar to the baby she aborted at 10 weeks old when she was in her twenties. This song has saved the lives of unborn babies.


Heartbeat  (Tiny Hands and Feet)
 Heartbeat, tiny hands and feet, I am, I am I am.
I am here, I am within you.
Let me live, do not forsake me.
My heart beats like yours.
I have tiny hands and feet.
I will love you when we meet
one day to smile at your feet.
I have eyes but cannot see.
One day to see you looking back at me.
My ears and face are forming.
I will know your voice when we meet,
will anything on earth sound as sweet?
Mom, don’t you know, don’t you know?
I am, I am, I am.
I am here, I am within you,
with God there is nothing to fear.
Through your blood I breathe.
The breath of life is in me.
God knows me and has formed me within you.
  (Lyrics and Music by Catherine and Ray Silvia)