Catherine Silvia - Lead Vocalist

Catherine was born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley of California in a largely Portuguese community. Her family encouraged her singing by providing voice lessons. As a teenager, she auditioned in New York for the famed Christian group, Up With People. The first graduate of Up With People High School, she recalls one of the highlights was performing seven days at Carnegie Hall. Catherine began singing again six years ago, on Pentecost. While she was experiencing reconversion, original songs came to her. She prayed for a year that someone would come and help her with them. Ray Silvia asked her to sing one of his songs for a recording. In exchange, she asked him to help with hers. Since then, they have been authoring and co-authoring songs (about 180 thus far). Currently working on their 11th CD album. Catherine says that each song has a unique message and personality, which she loves to discover and to express.

Ray Silvia - Instrumentalist, songwriter

Ray Silvia also was born and raised in s largely Portuguese rural Central California hamlet. He grew up listening to his dad, Antonio, playing harmonica and accordion. When he entered high school, Ray learned to play guitar and performed with bands for several years. While in college, he began playing harmonica and composing Christian music. Two of his first songs, “Lullaby of the Spirit” and “I Sing Your Song,” were published in a major book: “Hymnal for Young Christians, Volume III." In addition to composing, performing, recording, and publishing Christian music, Ray recently completed the Master of Pastoral Ministry program at the University of Portland.