Healing Academy Seminar! 

Catherine and I plan to attend the Healing Academy at the Silverdale United Methodist Church in Silverdale, Washington, April 10-14th, 2012. Wind of the Spirit Ministries, who presents this fine seminar, describes it as "A time of experiencing God's healing love in Spirit, soul, body, relationships, and learning to help others receive healing." For information, please phone them at (360) 692-9813 ext 14, Monday through Thursday, 9am to Noon. Their web site is at www.wosm-nw.org



Heartbeat Song DVD Completed and Available for Free 

We have produced a DVD of the song written by Catherine which celebrates the life of the preborn and newborn person. This is the music video to be found on http://youtube.com/angelsinoureyesmusic The video graphics were by Eric Jackson, who may be contacted at http://www.somelikeplaid.com

If you would like a free copy of it to use for any prolife (anti-abortion) purpose, please email us atAenon4Jesus@aol.com The music video is effective for personal or for group use. For instance, it was featured recently

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Heartbeat Prolife Song Released! 

The new prolife single, Heartbeat, was officially released and premiered at a October 20th banquet for the Manteca Right to Life Pregnancy Resource Center in California. See our Blog for more detailed information about this song.


Schedule Change: We Will Not Be Performing at the Grotto for 2011 

Though we have done so the past 3 years, we will not be performing at the Grotto in 2011, though we plan to do so in 2012. Instead, we will be in the studio recording new songs and completing songs for upcoming CDs. We do, however, recommend that folks attend the Grotto's Festival of Lights series of Christmas concerts. For information, go to http://thegrotto.org



New Version of "Heartbeat" Prolife Song! 

We have a new version of one of our prolife songs, "Heartbeat." It is available for a free listen to or for even a free download in the Our Music section of this website! We have received reports that this prior version has saved the lives of unborn babies. This new version has been produced under the guidance of the directors of two pregnancy resource centers.

New "On a Journey" CD Released 

We released our 10th music CD on September 1st. Titled ON A JOURNEY, the music probes and celebrates  interior and exterior journeys that we take through life. Eric Jackson, a graphic artist from the State of Washington, did the art layout. This vocal CD features orchestral accompaniments or a full country rock band on several of the songs. You can go to the "Our Music" section of this website to listen (free of charge) to mp3 files of all fifteen songs on this CD, which is dedicated to Laura Trevino and…

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"The Journey Within" [healing emotional hurts] Seminar 

We will be participating in this outstanding ministry event, which enables us to be more fully healed in the Lord and also to bring His healing to others. The place will be at the Silverdale United Methodist Church in Silverdale (near Seattle), Washington. The dates are October 26-29, 2011. We recommend it highly. For more information, email the Wind of the Spirit Ministries at wosmnw@yahoo.com


"On a Journey" CD Almost Complete 

We are almost done working on our newest CD, On a Journey. It features vocal songs, some of which have orchestral backgrounds. There are a variety of styles: retro 60s rock, soul, country -- among others. Those persons familiar with our music will be in for some surprises.

We plan to release the CD around the end of August.