Here Are More of Our Christian Songs about Angels 

Here are five more songs (that you can listen to on this web site) whose lyrics include angels:

1. Angel Anthem (Singing with the Angels CD), 2. Angel Band (Child of God CD), 3. Taking Flight (Crystal River CD), 4. Oh, Holy Night (Live from the Grotto CD), 5. Light Up the Road (Singing with the Angels CD).

Why Our Record Label is named "Aenon". 

We have been asked why our trademarked record label is "Aenon." This locale is mentioned in the Gospel of John, which relates that John the Baptizer "was baptizing at Aenon near Salim because water was abundant there; and people kept coming and were being baptized . . . (Jn 3:23). The term "Aenon" is Greek for "many waters."

Our Christian Songs About Angels 

We have more than 20 Christian songs that mention angels, either explicitly or implicitly. Our trademarked band name, Angels in Our Eyes, honors Catherine's sister Barbie (Barbara), who was an artist and collector of angel figurines, drawings, and more. She bravely passed away from cancer, and Catherine eulogized her with a poem, Angels in Her Eyes. We also believe in the active presence of angels in human and celestial situations. Here is a list of 5 of the songs mentioning angels: 1. Angels in Her Eyes

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Where to Find Our Prolife (anti-abortion) Songs on this Web Site 

We have composed and recorded many songs about the compassionate, forgiving love of God for us all. An example is "Forgive Yourself" from the Child of God CD. God is prolife and loves us, no matter what we have done. Apostle John guarantees, "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just, and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness" (1 John 1:9). If you have had an abortion, seek helpful people. A good place to start is by phoning (24/7) (800) 395 4357. Or you can go to http://www.

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OctoberBaby Movie in Theatres Beginning March 23rd! 

Catherine and I recently attended a special prescreening of a new film, which we highly recommend. Produced by the MGM subsidiary that released the successful movie, "Courageous", a while back, OctoberBaby highlights the sanctity of human life and the value of forgiveness. Check out the trailer and other stuff on their website:

New Heartbeat Song and Video Released! The Story Behind the Song 

We have released our new Heartbeat music CD and have placed this song and video images onto youtube:

The CD was premiered in Manteca, California, Catherine's hometown at a fundraising banquet for the Manteca Right to Life Pregnancy Resource Center to obtain ultrasound capability. Because we could not attend, she wrote the following statement to be read at the event.

"In 2007, Raymond Silvia and I performed at the statewide Right to Life Conference in…

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New Version of Prolife Song to be Released in October 

We have found that our song, "Heartbeat", from the Singing with the Angels CD, has saved the lives of unborn babies. Under the guidance of the directors of two pregnancy resource centers, we are releasing a new version of this song as a single in October. Moreover, you can now listen to or even download the song for free in the Our Music section of this website!

On a Journey CD to be Released in August 

Our newest vocal music CD is due to be released in August. It is a nice mix of retro rock, country, folk, and smooth jazz. "On a Journey" includes songs about the interior and exterior personal journeys that we take through life. The musical arrangements are sometimes more ornate and orchestral than in our previous vocal CDs.

Spring blooming musings from Catherine on May 20, 2011 

As we drove into Hillsboro today, I was amazed at all the beautiful plants in full and I mean full bloom! Lilacs, rhodies, azaleas, dogwoods. Do the plants know something we don't? I couldn't help but think they were all giving their full glory to God. Now this is mine and Harmonica Ray's take on animals. We feel that they will be our companions in heaven. Or maybe they go to an animal heaven. In Genesis God looked at everything and said it was very good, so why would he want to waste these critters? God…

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