Heartbeat Song DVD Completed and Available for Free

We have produced a DVD of the song written by Catherine which celebrates the life of the preborn and newborn person. This is the music video to be found on http://youtube.com/angelsinoureyesmusic The video graphics were by Eric Jackson, who may be contacted at http://www.somelikeplaid.com

If you would like a free copy of it to use for any prolife (anti-abortion) purpose, please email us atAenon4Jesus@aol.com The music video is effective for personal or for group use. For instance, it was featured recently in a workshop on Inner Healing near Seattle, Washington.

We will do our best to send you one via the US Mail. The song, "Heartbeat", is available for free download in the "music" section of the website you are currently in. Contacting us will not result in any junk mail from us.

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