Spring blooming musings from Catherine on May 20, 2011

As we drove into Hillsboro today, I was amazed at all the beautiful plants in full and I mean full bloom! Lilacs, rhodies, azaleas, dogwoods. Do the plants know something we don't? I couldn't help but think they were all giving their full glory to God. Now this is mine and Harmonica Ray's take on animals. We feel that they will be our companions in heaven. Or maybe they go to an animal heaven. In Genesis God looked at everything and said it was very good, so why would he want to waste these critters? God made the critters before he made mankind, Genesis 1:24-25. In Isaiah 65 on the day of the Lord the wolf and the lamb will feed together. Another aside about our animal friends that God gave us. We have been told by a friend who distributes our CDs on the coast of Oregon that they are very healing to people and to their pets. We were surprised to hear that the Galilee CD we gave to our wonderful lawn guy (who we will miss because he is retiring) is listened to intently by his cat. He said he never saw anything like it. He put the CD on and the cat came over to it and sits and listens near it. His cat does this every time. Now people have told us the Galilee instrumental CD is very soothing and uplifting. The lawn guy said, "It has something!" Okay, one more thing, if by chance it isn't the end of the world this weekend, if you get your nails done, there is a cool new thing called crackle nail polish. It comes in many colors and has undercolors that show through the "cracks". So far I have tried purple with white and coral with sparkly silver. Now, I know a lot of you do gardening. Gardening is not kind to nice nails, so I began using gardening gloves and though you can't get your fingers in the dirt, you can still garden and have nails.

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